Monday, August 16, 2010

The Muse and I

I looked forward with great anticipation to the Fusionart One Day Painting Retreat led by Rassouli at the Mayfair Hotel August 14th. We arrived early at the Mayfair, where Richard and I were warmly greeted by Carole Burdick, the coordinator, and Rassouli. The workshop had taken over 3 rooms because a number of special guests were attending. They are working on a sequel to “The Secret” called “Tapping the Source.” This project aims to go beyond the philosophy of “The Secret” and focus on individuals who embody the principles of The Secret in their lives. They have interviewed Rassouli as an example of such a person, and Rassouli in turn invited them to come to the retreat and experience Fusionart for themselves. The special guests, some of whom are well known in the film industry, joined in enthusiastically even though many had never painted before in their lives.

I found a comfortable space near the door of one of the rooms and got set up, leaving part of the table for Richard to write. The workshop began shortly after 10am. With our chairs arranged in a circle, Rassouli began talking to us about the importance of bringing creativity to all aspects of our lives, and specifically the role of the Muse. The Muse within each of us is our connection to “the source,” God, or whatever name or title you attribute to the ultimate power and creative principle in the universe. Rassouli also refers to the Muse as “the friend,” that inner voice which is there to guide us on the path to the realization of our full, divine potential. We are successful when we listen and obey. To follow the Muse requires an act of faith, a total commitment. We also have a rational mind which has a limited perspective and is designed to help us navigate our physical existence. The rational mind cannot create, however it does act as “the editor” in refining creative work. It is essential that the creative process take form under the guidance of the Muse without interference from the editor. Our assignment for the morning was to be playful with the canvas, follow our Muse, and allow form to arise naturally without input from the editor. By this time, I was fully basted with creative energy and could not wait to start painting.

As we began painting, the magnificent music of Kitaro inspired me and I was filled with the joy of doing what I love. Painting with a wet cloth, I surrendered to my Muse as my hand moved across the canvas with sweeping stokes of purple and yellow. The feeling was one of grandeur and the painting below, “Illumination,” is the result.

We sat together at a single long table and got to know each other better over lunch. The participants came from all walks of life – filmmakers, writers, attorneys, photographers coming together to discover their unique creativity. When we returned to our easels, I began a second painting. I could my Muse guiding me as I was filled with a feeling of light pouring down abundantly with great love on humanity. We only need to open ourselves to it. I titled this painting, “Influx of Light.”

The workshop concluded with the display and comments on the work done, an amazing outpouring of color and feeling on canvas in a few short hours. I so enjoy being part of this loving community and sharing in the transforming creative energy we experience together. This is what the world needs.


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