Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Join Me!

I hope you will be able to join me at the Banning Center for the Arts on October 22nd for the Artist Reception of my current exhibit (see flyer). Fall is starting out with a bang. New possibilities and opportunities are popping up. Movement, positive change is in the air. The world is sick of being stuck. The cries for a whole new approach are getting louder. People have had it. We are now more and more connected electronically, but less and less connected emotionally. The constant bombardment of information, mostly unnecessary, and nonstop busyness is destroying our inner stillness. We are more than extensions of our machines, more than puppets for politicians and corporations to manipulate. We need to find a way back to ourselves. That path home leads through our hearts, where our real strength lies. When we lose our connection with our inner selves, we lose our connection with each other as well. We are no longer whole; we have lost our inner compass, our sense of the deeper meaning and value of life. We need to turn down the volume of our minds until we can hear our unique inner voices, the source of our creativity and connection with the universe. Let’s learn to live our lives by surrounding ourselves with whatever we have created out of love. If it is in your heart to paint, for instance, soaring colors will bring you more joy than another techno toy. As more and more people rediscover their creativity and find the courage to express their truth to each other in whatever medium, the planet will begin to come back into balance and the downward spiral will be reversed. True transformation can then take place. My mission as a Fusionartist is to live my life creatively and to share my heart, my soul and my imagination with others through the fusion of painting. We can all become Fusionartists by simply keeping our hearts open, realizing that creativity is our essence, and letting it shine through whatever we do. Join me!

-Rickey Hoefnagel