Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eisenhower Medical Center Exhibit

2009 ended on a high note with the solo exhibit at the Lucy Curci Cancer Center in the Eisenhower Medical Center in nearby Rancho Mirage. I was honored to be selected for the Inaugural Exhibit of the Eisenhower Arts in Healthcare Program. We had been in contact with Jeannette De Bonne, Art Director at EMC, for some time and our preparations came to fruition on November 12th with the opening of the exhibit. Jeannette had to overcome scepticism from some of her colleagues, however the scepticism turned to enthusiasm once the sceptics actually saw the exhibit. The place chosen for the exhibit was a long wall of ribbed concrete just off the main lobby, which provided the perfect backdrop for the bright colors of the 7 works hung with transparent wire from the ceiling.

EMC hosted a lovely reception on Friday, December 11th from 5:30-7:30pm. The event was publicized in The Desert Sun and well attended. Jeannette is an accomplished artist herself, and her harp music was the perfect live entertainment for the occasion. I admired her determination that the exhibit would take place, and it has been a joy to get to know another kindred spirit. The exhibit was very well received, and was extended until the end of January. Below are pictures of me at the reception with Jeannette and also my husband Richard.

I returned to the Lucy Curci Cancer Center again in February to be the guest leader of a painting workshop for some of the patients. The participants were accustomed to trying to paint realistic objects in these workshops. As a fusionartist, I told them to forget about realistic objects and simply use the colors to express whatever they were feeling. The class became very excited by this freedom, and we had a wonderful session together.

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